CSA Frequently Asked Questions


How do I initially sign up?

Click on join now under the CSA 2020 tab on this websites home page. Here are the steps below:

  1. Choose the date you would be picking up your items or the date they will be delivered to your home. We currently deliver to select areas Wednesday and Fridays.
  2. Click on add CSA membership, this is at no cost and gives you the ability to access the store. Please select quantity 1 to access the store and select your items.
  3. What is "  Distributions " mean under the CSA Membership box? This is simply the number of remaining pick ups or deliveries Goodman Farms will be completing that day.
  4. Please select under terms "Debit on Delivery." Goodman Farms will accept payment on the website or if you prefer in person.
  5. Next step is creating your account entering all of you info. Additional contact could be another person you would like to pick up your CSA box.
  6. Payment is either cash on delivery or by credit. If using credit, your information will be billed the night of the delivery. 
  7. Email is then sent to your email address to confirm.
  8. Navigate to the CSA store by clicking on "My Account" and then "Store."
  9. Select either the Goodman Farms CSA box or create your own order and check out on the top right of the page.
  10. Any questions please send an email to honesttogodnessagriculture@gmail.com
  11. All store orders need to be placed by noon the day before pick up or delivery. If you place your order after noon, it will default to the following week.
  12. Thank you for support local! 

How is Honest to GODness CSA different than other farms CSA?

  • We wanted to create a CSA that gives its members options not locking them into a weekly box that they may or may not need. No need to commit for the entire season, use it as much or as little as you would like!

  • Home delivery and convenient pick up locations. More pick up locations will be added in the future to make it even easier!

  • No membership fee ever.

  • We grow certified Organic and conventional produce.

  • Signing up supports a 6th generation farm and other trusted local farmers we have collaborate with to bring you the best and freshest selection of produce.


What if I don't like an item in the box or have an allergy?

  • We are happy to swap out an item that your family does not eat.  Simply go to our store and select the swap option when you check-out. You also have the option to fully customize your order with any produce or other food items you want