CSA Return / Refund Policy

Come join our CSA family!


We ask all new subscribers to carefully read through the following guidelines. This creates a clear understanding between the farmer and member.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) was a model originally conceived in the idea that neighbors buy a “share” of the farm at the beginning of the season, covering the cost of seed, irrigation parts, compost, packing supplies, and the myriad of things that the farmer needed to get the season going, and taking on some of the risk that the farmer carries in planting, tending and harvesting crops. In exchange, the “share-owners” received fresh, seasonal produce from the farm on a regular basis. It is based on mutual respect between the customers and the farmers. Our current CSA model assumes this structure, but has evolved to give the subscriber more freedom in when and how much they pay at a time for their subscription.

Payments: We use a program called Farmigo to help manage the financial interactions between our customers and our farm. With it, Goodman Farms subscribers have online access to their own accounts. We accept payment via Paypal, Credit Card or E-Check (bank account)..

Manual Payment: your card or purchase wont be deducted until night of delivery or pickup!

Communication: Goodman Farms publishes a weekly \ bi- weeklkly newsletter that subscribers receive via email. The newsletter will announce any important changes in delivery schedule, prices, policies, etc. 

By agreeing to join our CSA, you are also agreeing to read email communications from us including:

  • Notice of account balance
  • Box on hold notice
  • Site changes / updates
  • Special announcements (new items available in CSA store, delivery changes due to      holidays, etc.)
  • Site member communication (issues / changes at your site or important      communication from your site host)

Please add spam filters to your address book to protect our communications from us.

We encourage subscribers to give us feedback about box quality and contents by emailing us at honesttogodnessagriculture@gmail.com include the name on your account so that we can respond accordingly.

Refund / Credit: If you believe you deserve a credit for poor quality, damaged, or otherwise unsaleable produce, please email us. We will evaluate cases individually. Be sure to include what day/time you picked up the produce, how it was stored, and pictures if possible. We want to share the best quality produce possible, so your feedback helps us improve our systems and catch issues early on.

Return Time Limit: Members have 48 hours to notify us of an issue for refund or credit from time of pick up or delivery.

How do I get started? Click on the tab on our website. A confirmation of your account, pickup location details, and start date will be automatically emailed to you.

Referral Credit: We value your loyalty and would like to reward you for spreading the word. If you refer someone to our program, ask them to mention your name on signup, and we will give you an $10 referral credit.

Box on Hold Notice: We will send you an email in the beginning of the week if your balance is too low for a box that week. If you make a payment a day or two before delivery, send us an email to see if we can deliver a box for you that week. We do not hold your box if you have a payment processing. Credit will not be given if you fail to pick up your box.

Cancellation: To cancel your Goodman Farms subscription, send us an email. We understand that things come up suddenly, but if you can, please give us at least two weeks notice if you are cancelling (moving, change in situation, etc.).